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Journey Through Grief  is a 6 part lecture series guiding individuals through grief into healing.  The series was presented by Father Hudson and Peggy Coloney.  Even though the series was recorded over 20 years ago, the CD sets continue to help individuals suffering through loss.  Below are portions of the recently re-mastered recordings from the first four CDs (Grief, Anger, Guilt and Healing).

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In 1990, the Center for Hope had a video produced that showed what patients and families were going through at the time.  This short clip features Dr. Robert Wegryn, the Center's first Medical Director, talking about hospice...and Peggy Coloney discussing things with an early patient.

The Center for Hope owes its existence to the efforts of two remarkable individuals who, each in their own way, displayed a deep sense of mission, dedication to hard work and an extraordinary vision of what could be.  Father Charles Hudson and Peggy Coloney nurtured both an organization and a philosophy that continue to this day.

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