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Thank you for your interest in learning more about our 2022 Winter Appeal.  Our Board of Trustees has committed the proceeds from this appeal to go directly to our newest campaign: bringing high-flow oxygen therapy to our residences.

In recent years, more and more patients are being placed on high-flow oxygen in hospitals.  The therapy offers continuous, warmed and humidified oxygen (emulating the temperature and humidity of a healthy adult lung) at higher than normal flow rates.  In basic terms, for patients in respiratory distress, the therapy reduces the amount of effort a body needs to put into breathing.  Among its various proven benefits, the therapy brings a significant level of comfort to those dealing with a terminal illness.  While this provides much needed relief, it inhibits their ability to be discharged from a hospital.  This can result in an unnecessary delay in getting patients out of the hospital and into a more appropriate level of care.

High-flow oxygen therapy, while effective, has become a major obstacle for patients wishing to pursue hospice care.  Simply put, many hospice residences do not offer this service.  For the Center to accept a patient on high-flow oxygen, that patient must first be weaned off of it.  This involves slowly decreasing the rate per hour while closely monitoring a patient’s oxygen levels.  For some, the process can take weeks to be effective.  For others, they are unable to be weaned.

For patients and families wishing to make very personal and very difficult decisions about end-of-life care, this inaccessibility only leaves room for an extremely limited amount of choices and options.  The addition of high-flow oxygen to a patient’s bedside in our facilities provides a dignified and comfortable solution for patients and families alike, providing the opportunity to receive appropriate hospice care in a family oriented environment.

Over the last 40 years, the Center has reinterpreted our mission of service with each advancement in hospice care.  The Center considers the ability to provide high-flow oxygen as a palliative measure to be a natural continuation of this continuous reassessment and improvement of our services.

Thank you again for considering to donate towards this appeal.  Each and every dollar raised is a step closer to bringing this crucial service to patients in need.  Click the banner below to go straight to our secure, online donation portal.