Coronavirus Updates.

Be it in a patient’s home or one of our unique residential facilities, the Center for Hope provides compassionate and professional skilled care that eases the burdens associated with caring for a loved one. 

Located in Union County, New Jersey, the Center brings its patients a quality of life that actively supports the individual’s right to live with dignity and in comfort, surrounded by the love of family and friends. 

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​The right choice for all the right reasons.

The Center has maintained, and continues to maintain, adequate staffing to care for our patients. The Center has obtained and distributed an adequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment for all employees. Our employees are regularly tested for the virus in accordance with updated Department of Health guidelines.  Patients are tested as required. Temperature checks and symptoms screening of staff and patients are routine.  Upon first entry, patients are admitted to separate areas of our facilities and are grouped according to Department of Health guidelines.

The Center understands that during these times of limited visitation, communication with appropriate family members regarding a patient’s changes, new medications or a change in the treatment plan must be communicated expeditiously.  Additionally, the Center has implemented a system of visiting through video, which is available around the clock.  Patient families will be notified of any changes to patient care or policy by phone as necessary. Updates are posted on our website at least weekly.

At this time, there are three methods of visiting our patients:
Indoor and Outdoor Visiting - Patients may receive visitors inside or outside our facilities with the following limitations:

  • Visiting hours are from 8am to 8pm.  All visits require an appointment.
  • Appointments are for up to 2 visitors at a time per patient.
  • Multiple appointments per patient per day may be allowed.
  • Visitors may exchange places.
  • All visitors continue to be screened according to guidelines.
  • Visitors remain masked throughout their stay, including in the patient’s room.
  • Visitors are escorted to and from the patient’s room and are to remain in the patient’s room for the length of their visit.
  • Public areas are closed to visitors.
  • Tours may also be provided by appointment; all visitors will be fully screened and accompanied by a facility member at all times.

Window Visiting - Window visiting can be done for patients on the first floor of our Elizabeth facility and all patients at Peggy’s House in Scotch Plains, with the following limitations:

  • All visitors cannot climb through or hang inside of windows.
  • Masks must be worn at all times and social distancing must be observed.
  • Visitors are not allowed into the residence beyond the reception station, including for use of rest facilities (accommodations have been made outside of both facilities).

*** Please note:  These guidelines are not comprehensive; further information and actions may be taken as guidance continues to evolve.  Please contact our facility management for further direction as needed.

*** Please note that throughout this crisis, we are accepting new patients and admitting patients to our residences.***